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Paesano Pizza was the first to bring authentic, traditional Napoletana pizza to Glasgow.

We are obsessed with the traditional Neapolitan ways of making pizza. That's why we source everything from Italy; from the finest ingredients, to our wood-fired pizza ovens that are designed and built in Naples, to the Pizzaioli in our kitchens who make the pizza.

Our menu consists of 9 pizza options, sides and desserts, because we focus on what we're good at to ensure quality Neopoletana pizza is in front of you every time. 


Our pizzas are cooked in Artisan built wood fired ovens from Naples, and our Pizzaioli take pride in adhering to the traditional Napoletana process in production of the dough, to produce the Verace pizza. Our pizza is a hybrid yeast and sourdough proofed for over 48 hours. The long proofing time together with cooking at an intense heat of 500oC produces a moist, light, soft, digestible crust which is aromatic and delicious.

Our Menu

You've heard our story, now see the menu - we look forward to welcoming you soon!


We don't take bookings for our restaurants, we operate a "first come, first served" system.

Once the restaurant is full we open a waiting list, so just leave us your details and we'll tell you when to come back.