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Clara Goerres

Clara's Braving the Shave for MacMillan Cancer Support

Everyone gets affected by cancer in some way in their lifetime. Paesano is no different.

We're delighted to be supporting one of our waitresses, Clara Goerres, as she shaves her head on Wednesday 7th August to raise money MacMillan Cancer Support.


Clara's target is £2,000 and we'd love it if our fellow Peasan's can help her reach her target!


As an added incentive, everyone who donates will automatically be entered into a draw to win a meal for 4 at one of our restaurants - so remember to leave your name!


Donating is easy, just click the button below and donate what ever you can to support the cause.

Here's a wee Q&A with Clara:

NAME: Clara Sophie Gorres
AGE: 23
PLACE OF BIRTH: Bingen, Rhein. Germany



THE WEATHER HAS BEEN ROUGH DO YOU MISS SUMMERS? I do. A lot but I chose Glasgow so I know what I was signing up to. No complaints, just raincoats and hats.


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO APPLY FOR A JOB IN PAESANO? As a customer I already like the vibe of the restaurant and of course I loved the food. The team seemed lovely (which they are).

FAVOURITE PIZZA/WHY? No 1 with friarielli and mushrooms. As a vegan it is very rare to find a great pizza that does well without cheese. And all of our vegan specials are amazing too. Oh and artichokes!

ARE YOU STUDYING? IF SO WHAT AND WHAT'S NEXT? Yes, English and Linguistics. I’m going back to Germany in September for my final year. After that… who knows?!

YOU ARE SHAVING YOUR HEAD FOR CHARITY… WHY NOT JUST RUN A MARATHON? A bald woman is an eye catcher. I think that with a bald head I am able to be a more powerful symbol of defiance and of solidarity with cancer patients. (I also am also a terrible runner and marathons take months to train for). A shaved head is extreme, but so is cancer.

ARE YOU GOING TO MISS YOUR HAIR? Oh yes! A lot. But luckily, I know how to grow them back myself 😊 I am donating my hair to Little Princess Trust to be turned into a wig.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE MACMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT? MacMillan do wonderful work in the care for patients. I want to support a dignified and thorough care treatment as well as early detection and prevention to name but a few.

HOW MUCH WOULD YOU LIKE TO RAISE? I would love to be able to raise £2000.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME OUTSIDE PAESANO? I love hiking and climbing. Scotland is just great for its scenery; I love going on wee adventures outside.


Donating's easy, just click the button


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